Today the Automotive and Transportation sectors are featured by high levels of design, comfort, performance and safety, with particular attention to the environmental footprint of the circulating means of transport.

​It is therefore compulsory for car manufacturers, and all their suppliers, to be fully committed to the reduction of polluted emissions produced by the combustion of hydrocarbons in the engine, or to the total elimination of the unhealthy fumes, adopting traction systems powered by electricity. In both cases it is essential to reduce the total weight of the vehicle, maintaining high levels of safety, performance and aesthetics.

Cannon fully meets the Automotive market high demanding requirements with a very strong expertise in the design and engineering of turnkey solutions, focusing on the end product’s quality, on the optimization of the cycle time and on the ergonomics and safety of people interacting with the plants.

The knowledge and experience in polyurethane processing technology has been evolved in the expertise of polyurethane fiber reinforced materials processing process and composite compression moulding technologies skills fully dedicated to the development of advanced solutions for specific applications in automotive, transports, aerospace applications.