Insulation plays a significant role in improving energy efficiency in the building sector.

Materials such as rigid polyurethane foam, thanks to its extremely lightweight and thermal and acoustic insulating properties, are perfect for high insulation for buildings, warehouses, prefabricated structures, roofs, walls, floors, ceilings, pipes, and air conditioning systems.

Building insulation helps reduce energy requirements, avoid thermal dispersion, and, consequently, increase savings.

Cannon can provide turnkey plants, including dosing units, mixing heads, storage tank farms, unwinding systems, and process control. Cannon continuous insulation panel solutions are available in dedicated configurations and can be assembled and integrated with additional equipment, allowing an efficient response to production changes.

Cannon PIR insulation boards

Continuous Lines

Insulated Sandwich Panels

Rigid polyurethane foam has been used in the latest 50 years as a core material of sandwich panels forbuilding and cold rooms applications, due to its ideal mechanical and insulation properties. The Cannon expertise lead to the development of a modular solution, suitable both for PIR and PUR, for Rigid Facing production lines designed to be easily and quickly configurable to respond efficiently to thenumerous production changes that characterize this type of plants. Moreover, the modular assemblymakes simple the possible future integration of additional equipment.

Phenolic boards, flexible facing

The new trends given by the tighter regulations on fire resistance properties required on the buildin gmarket led the major players to introduce Phenolic resin boards. Generally based on very long laminators, these type of lines, even if apparently similar to the polyiso family, require a particular know-how to properly manage and optimize the technology necessary to process phenolic foam. The chemicals involved in the process, in facts, are highly acidic and in some cases flammable. Those properties bring a long process and safety concerns, all solved by the Cannon engineering Team and implemented in several production lines. The technical solution includes a specific double belt laminator and particular process details, developed by Cannon and now available on the market.

Polyiso Boards, flexible facing

The PolyIso boards market requires the best product performances in terms of mechanical properties, insulation factors and fire resistance. Cannon supports the Customer implementing an effective production line, providing innovative solutions to solve the critical aspects of the process: the patented double belt driving, the high efficiency thermoregulation system, the automatic thickness positioning, together with a wide range of mixing headsand new technologies for laydown and fillers, are some highlights of the Cannon proposal. The automatic unwinding section, the process controls and the chemical storage tank farm allow a turnkeysupply of the wet part of the plant.