Water heaters are essential appliances in homes and businesses worldwide. However, they can consume significant energy, leading to high utility bills and an increased carbon footprint. In parallel, increasingly stringent European efficiency regulations are changing market needs, leading consumers to look for even higher energy-efficiency appliances. To address this issue, polyurethane insulation has become more popular as it provides high insulation value and improves the lifespan of appliances.

Our complete production systems for water heater insulation offer turnkey solutions that cater to your manufacturing process, ensuring improved energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint while providing high insulation value and improved appliance lifespans.

A foaming process tailored to your needs

Depending on your production process or the type of insulation you want for your boilers, our team can develop a plant suitable for your needs.

A Cannon plant can include:

  • Dosing machine suitable for blowing agent handling
  • Mixing head
  • Specifically designed mold
  • Carousel/mold carrier
  • Automation
  • Complete component storage
  • Safeties for pentane

Foaming tank and inserts directly inside the mold

In this 1-step process, polyurethane is foamed directly around the tank and inserts inside a closed mold without requiring assembly activities after molding.

We design our turkey solutions for each boiler; depending on the part shape and production needs, we can provide:

  • Manual self-contained molds
  • Automatic self-contained molds
  • Molds on an automatic carrier

Applicable to all types of molds, our integrated vacuum system enhances foam density distribution around the tank and reduces the weight of PU while keeping the same insulating properties.


L shaped high laminarity and long stroke mixing head


Multipurpose all in one

A-Prima Penta

All in one version for flammable blowing agents


Customizable all in one iconic dosing unit


Modular multicomponent high pressure dosing unit for plants

A-System Penta Twin

Modular multicomponent high pressure dosing unit for flammable blowing agents