Global warming and climate change are worrying governments that are setting restrictive targets of carbon emission. Space and water heating are the most responsible of the housing carbon footprint. The reduction of the primary energy consumption of domestic appliances is the effective way to reduce domestic carbon emissions. Thus water heaters manufacturers are adopting energy efficiency product design that considers insulation a key factor to reduce energy consumption.

Cannon has developed water heaters insulation foaming lines based on the following technologies:

  • Jacket insulation by injecting the PU foam in the closed cavity (from top or side)
  • Naked skin insulation around a non-jacketed tank
  • Spray of a PU layer, especially for special size products
  • PU shells moulding for separate assembly

The typical requirements given by the polyurethane formulation are the following:

  • Foam flowability
  • Compliance with blowing agent properties
  • Foam distribution
  • Final product insulation properties

Cannon is also sharing expertise about moulding and handling technologies for every kind of functional requirements, productivity and budget needs, such as:

  • Rotating tables
  • Stationary fixtures
  • Carousels
  • Belt conveyors

The innovative approach typical of the Cannon industrial mind-set, lead us to develop configurable or customized solutions, including – among the others – the following technologies:

  • Foam and film – for naked skin and PU shells moulding, this technology doesn’t request the use the release agent
  • Automatic injection – implementation of cartesian or 7-axis robots with automatic hole detection through IR cameras
  • Installations in explosive atmospheres
  • Vacuum assisted injection – to improve the foam distribution and reduce the curing time


L shaped high laminarity and long stroke mixing head


Multipurpose all in one

A-Prima Penta

All in one version for flammable blowing agents


Customizable all in one iconic dosing unit


Modular multicomponent high pressure dosing unit for plants

A-System Penta Twin

Modular multicomponent high pressure dosing unit for flammable blowing agents