One fridge out of two has been manufactured by Cannon technologies

With thousands of plants installed on a world-wide basis in more than 40 years of activity, Cannon is the world leader in the PU foaming domestic refrigerators lines.

Cannon has developed innovative technologies that strongly reduce in-line production time, increasing flexibility, thanks to the zero time mould change systems. These technologies became and still are benchmark in the doors and cabinets refrigerators production.

From simple reliable production systems to high productivity automated turnkey solutions, Cannon supplies:

The company has always been focused on innovation, developing cutting edge solutions to follow the evolution of PU chemistry and the performance improvements of the fridge required by the main house appliances brands.

Domestic Refrigerator Production Lines
Industrial refrigerators production lines

A result of this evolution is the VAI – Vacuum Assisted Injection technology, a vacuum-assisted injection method: the reduced pressure applied into the cavity during the injection and the expansion of the foam facilitate the filling of the cabinet, providing the following benefits

  • Optimized distribution of foam density throughout the entire cabinet
  • The polymerization time per foaming station has been cut nearly in half due to the possibility of using high reactivity  formulations providing a significantly higher productivity

A global competence spread in more than 30 local dedicated structures, allows Cannon to provide a fast and professional assistance.