Electrical or electronical components must be sealed or filled with thermosetting plastics, silicone or epoxy resin, to be protected from humidity, dust or corrosive agents.

Gasketing and Potting are micro-dosing processes that guarantee the device’s complete protection.
For this type of sealing, we have developed specific dosing units and mixing heads that allow for highly accurate pouring and a precise, small-scale output.


Gasketing is done with polyurethane or silicone and has a wide array of industrial applications. It protects against dust, moisture and water, and damps out vibrations and noises.

Generally, a gasket is premade, being injected, extruded or die-cut, and then simply glued to the final piece.

For Foam-In-Place (FIP) gaskets, we have developed a complete production system for foamed gaskets based on an in-situ pouring process. The two raw materials are dosed and blended, then poured directly onto the end product, achieving significant savings in terms of cost.

There is no need to keep all gaskets (of different shapes and dimensions) in stock: FIP allows thousands of different pieces, each with its own shape or geometry, with improved physical and mechanical properties, to be produced.

With our experience in polyurethane and silicon mixing systems, we can supply integrated turn-key plants for producing FIP gaskets. Our B1 dosing unit is dedicated to the gasketing process.


Potting is the process of pouring liquid resin over electrical and electronic components. It protects the product against thermal shock, vibration, humidity and corrosion and guarantee electrical insulation.

We provide high precision flexible potting technology for small outputs covering a wide range of formulation ratios with different chemicals such as epoxy, polyurethane, silicone and polyester resins.

We supply complete personalized solutions: dosing units, mixing heads, automatic mixing head moving systems, and manufactured product loading and unloading.

C2P is our suggested dosing unit for this process.