Cannon complete plants for steering wheels production

Our plants are the optimal solution for efficiently producing high-quality steering wheels.

In addition to being a functional and aesthetic component, a car’s steering wheel plays a crucial role in safety. It not only contains the airbag but is designed to deform appropriately to avoid damaging the driver’s chest in the event of an accident.

It is no wonder that steering wheel manufacturers worldwide pay enormous attention to the quality and performance of their products and the efficiency of their production process. Their target is to have the highest productivity with the lowest waste.

At Cannon, we respond to the specific needs of this industry by providing complete plants with turning tables or stationary foaming presses.

A purpose-developed mixing head

Our FPL 10 and FPL 14 mixing heads are designed specifically for this application.

Simple, efficient, and reliable, these high-pressure, two-component mixing heads are the best solution for producing high-quality steering wheels, including colored versions. Their compact design perfectly fits the narrow space around the press and mold and makes them easy to handle. In addition, they are composed of small parts, making them simple to assemble and maintain, an essential feature in heavy-duty production like that of steering wheels.

Our plants include

  • A-Compact high-pressure dosing unit
  • FPL mixing heads
  • Piping for chemicals and hydraulic oil
  • Presses, available with adjustable tilting
  • Mold with vacuums
  • Cabins
  • Ventilation system
  • Safeties

Vacuum, the best ally for top-of-the-line quality

Using a vacuum applied to the mold makes it possible to improve the quality of the finished product by facilitating better distribution of polyurethane foam while increasing each steering wheel’s production speed.

At Cannon, our team can provide a complete and fully configurable mold suitable for your needs. Thanks to our deep knowledge of injection strategies, vacuum application on polyurethane, mold materials, and surface finishing, we develop molds that guarantee the best properties for the finished product.

Benefits of using vacuums

  • Better foam distribution in the mold
  • Uniform density of the part
  • Chemical savings from 10 – 30%
  • Reduced production time

Repeatability improved through automation

Foaming steering wheels require a whole series of manual operations, such as spraying the release agent and paint onto the mold or removing the steering wheel once curing is complete.

Our plants are equipped with an automation system that can handle all manual operations. This way, we help customers improve cycle time and repeatability while reducing human error.

Safety is also crucial: operations using release agents and paint spraying are polluting and dangerous to the operator’s health. Automating this step can safeguard the health of people on the plant and optimize the amount of chemicals used.

Cannon mold for steering wheels
Another Cannon mold for steering wheels