03 May 2022

Caronno Pertusella, (Varese), Italy, May 3, 2022

Cannon Afros, a company of Cannon Group and market leader in high-performance dosing and mixing equipment, has developed an innovative direct infusion system for faster processing of epoxy and polyurethane (PU) resin systems for the manufacturing of wind turbine rotor blades.

Rotor blades are typically made of fiberglass reinforced resin through vacuum infusion technology. They are the most important components in terms of performance when wind turbine manufacturers and power generation operators explore ways to reduce the levelized cost of electricity (LCoE).

“Benefitting from its long experience of designing and constructing infusion resin mixing machines and auxiliary equipment for degassing resins and hardeners, Cannon Afros focused on improving the cost-efficiency of this particular manufacturing process. Now, Cannon offers rotor blade manufacturers a novel direct infusion system to automatize and provide accurate higher volume dosing to accelerate vacuum infusion for a repeatable, and reliable production process that reduces waste and, in addition avoids volatile organic compounds, thereby improving operator safety.

Dario Pigliafreddo, Key Account Manager at Cannon Afros

Cannon’s new direct infusion system leverages their established DX and DXI series of resin mixing machine technology with real-time data management which automatically adapts dosing to ensure the required flow rate at constant mix ratio. The system allows for several independent pressurized infusion lines along which peristaltic valves control, extremely precisely, the right amount of resin mix at the optimum pressure at each infusion gate. This, combined with the possibility of adding an automatic and self-adjusting vacuum bagging infusion unit, controls the resin flow required to complete the infusion process and help reduce cycle time.

Since the new process is closed and sealed, there is a much lower exothermic risk during curing and no exposure to air and humidity to contaminate the resin systems, and importantly, a drastic reduction in exposure to VOCs for operational safety.

Cannon has observed a significant improvement in mould filling time depending on various parameters such as the resin system used, fibre volume content, number of infusion points, level of automatization and blade geometry.

Cannon Afros also designs and manufactures dosing and mixing machines for pultrusion and auxiliary equipment to produce shear webs, spar caps, shells, and roots for rotor blades.

About Cannon Afros

Cannon Afros, a company of the Cannon Group founded in the early 1960s, is the world’s leading supplier of dosing systems, mixing equipment and processing technologies for polyurethanes and multi-component resins. Today Cannon Afros offers an extensive range of processing technologies for molding, pouring, injection, spraying, and manufacturing abilities dedicated to a comprehensive range of resins such as polyurethanes, silicones, elastomers, epoxy resins, phenolic foams, and bi-component adhesives. Cannon Afros design, manufactures and sells a vast range of equipment from single mixing heads and stand-alone units to complex turnkey and customizable production plants to serve the following main industrial applications: automotive interiors and exteriors, appliances and refrigerator insulation, rigid insulation for the cold chain industry and refrigerated transportation, building and construction insulation, sanitary ware, piping insulation for oil heating and district heating, technical components and medical equipment, flexible padding and seats for furniture and automotive industries, sealing and gluing for lighting and electrical enclosures, and encapsulation and potting for electrical and electronic components.

About Cannon Group

Founded in 1962, Cannon Group comprises 30 companies, with a global presence in more than 40 countries and is recognized as a market leader in technologies, processing and molds for polyurethanes and urethane elastomers for the plastics and composites industries. The Group designs and manufactures high- and low-pressure dosing machines and mixing equipment, for continuous slab and discontinuous molded polyurethane foams. Dedication to continuous innovation now positions Cannon Group as a driving force offering the design, manufacture, servicing, and maintenance of equipment also in other key technology areas including: Energy – industrial boilers for standard and special applications, comprising steam boilers, hot water heaters, heat recovery boilers, and thermal oil heaters, with in-house engineering and fabrication services; Water & Wastewater Treatment – deareators, condensate treatment and recovery, effluent treatment plants, sanitary water treatment and sewage treatment, injection water treatment, demineralization, produced water; and Automation, where Cannon Group offers process digitization and condition monitoring, connect-IT and emissions monitoring. Cannon Group is committed to reducing the ecological footprint of all the Group’s technologies and industrial processes offered to the market through energy efficiency, resource consumption reduction and emissions reduction. Cannon Group delivered net sales of €230 million in 2021. To learn more, visit www.cannon.com<!

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Cannon’s new direct infusion system for polyurethane and epoxy resin systems leverages their established DX and DXI series of resin mixing machine technology with real-time data management which automatically adapts dosing to ensure the required flow rate at constant mix ratio. (Photo: Cannon Group)

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