23 Jun 2020

Easier identification and online request of quotation of Spare parts, and always updated documentation: with OptiTool, managing maintenance is simpler

In order to ensure the continuity of production, without incurring the risk of unexpected plant shutdowns, anticipating eventual problems is fundamental.

In which way? Performing routine maintenance of your system, for example, and having spare parts always available is pivotal and in many cases can make the difference, avoiding burdensome plant downtimes that, for company, translates into costs.

To give the customers a valid tool to easily and quickly manage maintenance and spare parts of their new Cannon dosing machine and equipment, Cannon Afros has developed OptiTool, the new free web platform for spare parts.

On OptiTool, customers find:

  • Use and maintenance manuals, certifications, declaration of conformity and other documents
  • Alarms list with relevant explanation and possible solutions
  • Interactive Electric and Components’ schemes with available Spare Parts
  • Interactive component’s drawings with list of available Spare Parts

Are you already a Cannon Afros customer?

Contact us and get your login credentials

Activating OptiTool on your new Cannon dosing unit is very simple: just provide to Cannon Afros the name and the email address of the user, to receive personalized credentials (user can be easily changed communicating the company the data of the new one).

After being logged and having set the preferred language (13 languages available), customers can explore manuals, diagrams and spare parts of the purchased machines.

Updated Manuals

In this section, customers can find all the documentation related to their machines always updated.

Binding regulations (as ATEX regulations, documents on suitable chemicals), certificates and use and maintenance manuals, also of single components, are available as soon as issued in final release and can be downloaded by customer’s authorized personnel.

Interactive Diagrams

The interactive schemes and diagrams of this section allow to easy identify machine components and to quickly find the correct spare parts.

The components available as spare parts are highlighted in red and, by passing over them with the pointer, it is possible to find their codification, relevant description, priority level and suggested quantity.

Schemes are available for equipment components, of wiring and of other parts, as hydraulic units, plants or machine layout, alarm zone or ventilation layout.

Spare Parts

Finding the correct spare part for the plant is very simple with OptiTool. The user can select any available spare part directly from the interactive diagrams or from the drawings uploaded in the “Spare Parts” section.

Here, in few clicks, the customer can add to the cart the spare parts he needs and submit the online request of quotation. In a short time, the relevant Cannon local unit will proceed with quotation.

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