23 Apr 2024

Caronno Pertusella (Varese), Italy

“The advantages of the LayDown Master are numerous. The technology avoids the use of a traversing mixing head, whilst providing uniform foam laydown across the whole width of the conveyor, delivering a more regular cell structure across the block. The LayDown Master is especially suitable for highly reactive foam grades, such as MDI, Viscos and HR foams. It produces optimum quality foams due to liquid laydown by avoiding pinholes and build-up, typically seen with Maxfoam trough technology.” 

Richard Doublet-Stewart, Regional Sales Manager at Cannon Viking

Cannon Viking, a company of the Cannon Group and a market leader in technologies, processing and molds for polyurethanes and urethane elastomers, introduces the new LayDown Master at UTECH Europe to complete its offering for PU slabstock foam producers using Liquid Laydown technology.

Based on the experience gained over many years, Cannon Viking’s LayDown Master is a distribution device which has been inspired by the CarDio® gatebar. It is aimed at slabstock producers using a conventional Liquid Laydown or Maxfoam Trough machines. The LayDown Master has been specifically developed and made available as a kit for evenly distributing the liquid PU across the width of the foaming conveyor before reaction, requiring less modifications to the existing hardware and suitable to be (retro)fitted to virtually all existing foam production lines.

As the Laydown Master is available as a kit, it requires a short installation time on existing production lines, ensuring only a minimal impact on the production and machinery. It is suitable for low-pressure, partial high-pressure and high-pressure technologies, and allows for a quick change of grade and colour, shortening the transition phase between foam grades, reducing the amount of scrap foam and thus saving valuable raw materials. 

The LayDown Master features a slot that is wide enough to allow for the use of very viscous formulations and solid fillers, which are key to ensure consistent quality for the foam standards. The slot can be easily adjusted between different foam grades by inserting spacers, reducing downtime to the absolute minimum. 

Cannon Viking offers several technologies aimed at foam producers with continuous and discontinuous block foaming methods. Under the CarDio® brand this includes complete production lines as well as conversion kits for existing lines for using liquid CO2 expansion technology, while the new LayDown Master is aimed at new and existing lines with Liquid Laydown technology. Together with its foam block size and profile control technologies, Cannon Viking now has a full range of equipment available to cover all possible PU slabstock foam market needs.

Cannon Group is exhibiting at UTECH Europe 2024 in Maastricht, The Netherlands, (April 23-25), Booth F14.

Cannon Viking introduces the LayDown Master

About Cannon Viking

Cannon Viking was formed in 1989 when Viking Engineering, a UK based family-owned industrial engineering company joined the Cannon Group. Established in 1956, Viking Engineering collaborated with the leading British and world’s largest chemical company at the time and specialized in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of continuous slab-stock technology and single block machines. Embracing the innovative mind-set at Cannon brought about the first patented eco-friendly blowing agent dispensing system – CarDio® – which is still the most advanced liquid carbon dioxide-based blowing agent used by producers of continuous flexible foams. Cannon Viking has been an integral part of the development and evolution of the polyurethane foam industry worldwide, particularly for the bedding and furniture markets with over 800 customers in 140 countries supported by Cannon’s worldwide aftersales service network. To this day, Cannon Viking solutions are still designed and manufactured in the UK utilizing a modular and tailored made approach that allows the upgrading or retrofitting of machines and equipment, at any time, to follow and support the evolution of our customers’ businesses.

About Cannon Group

Founded in 1965, Cannon Group comprises 30 companies, with a global presence in more than 40 countries and is recognized as a market leader in technologies, processing and molds for polyurethanes and urethane elastomers for the plastics and composites industries. The Group designs and manufactures high- and low-pressure dosing machines and mixing equipment, for continuous slab and discontinuous molded polyurethane foams. Dedication to continuous innovation now positions Cannon Group as a driving force offering the design, manufacture, servicing, and maintenance of equipment also in other key technology areas including: Energy – industrial boilers for standard and special applications, comprising steam boilers, hot water heaters, heat recovery boilers, and thermal oil heaters, with in-house engineering and fabrication services; Water & Wastewater Treatment – deareators, condensate treatment and recovery, effluent treatment plants, sanitary water treatment and sewage treatment, injection water treatment, demineralization, produced water; and Automation, where Cannon Group offers process digitization and condition monitoring, connect-IT and emissions monitoring. Cannon Group is committed to reducing the ecological footprint of all the Group’s technologies and industrial processes offered to the market through energy efficiency, resource consumption reduction and emissions reduction. Cannon Group delivered net sales of €280 million in 2023. To learn more, visit www.cannon.com

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