24 Feb 2023

Water heaters require effective polyurethane insulation, and our turnkey solutions can cater to every production requirement.

The demand for improved energy efficiency in water heaters has grown recently, driven both by increasingly stringent European efficiency regulations and the desire of homeowners and businesses to save on utility bills while reducing their carbon footprint.

One solution to this problem is polyurethane insulation, which, due to its inherent properties, offers high insulation value and improves the lifespan of appliances.

To meet this market need, we provide a range of solutions designed to produce polyurethane insulation for water heaters, depending on the customer’s manufacturing process. Furthermore, we can supply customized dosing and mixing system to take advantage of the high productivity typical of the automated line and couple it with the flexibility sometimes demanded by market contingencies.

We can, for example, provide a systemable of processing many formulations from one injection to the next without affecting cycle time and eliminating any possible contamination between different polyols.

Foaming the tank and inserts directly inside the mold

In this 1-step process, polyurethane is foamed directly around the tank and its inserts inside a closed mold without requiring assembly activities after molding. Depending on the part shape and production needs, our turnkey solutions can include:

  • Manual self-contained molds
  • Automatic self-contained molds
  • Molds on an automatic carrier

These solutions are designed for each boiler to improve the cycle time, the operator’s ergonomy, and the foam quality.

To obtain these benefits, we have developed an integrated vacuum system to enhance the density of distribution of the foam around the tank and reduce the weight of PU, keeping the same insulating properties.

Molding polyurethane insulation parts

The insulation of the boiler can be split into different parts, molded separately, and later assembled around the tank to form the insulation. To produce these parts, we can supply full production lines, including a specific system to make production process faster and safer.

Cleaning operations and applying release agents are necessary for any polyurethane foaming processes despite the time and effort of the operators, the possibility of scrap parts and downtime due to incorrect distribution, and the creation of a dirty environment.

To avoid these problems, we have developed and patented the Foam & Film technology, an easy solution to replace the application of a release agent on the mold’s surfaces and eliminate the required cleaning activities.

A Cannon plant can include:

Foam & Film technology

This technology makes it possible to eliminate any fumes resulting from the procedure of applying and removing the release agent inside a mold.

It consists of introducing a film into the molding sequence, which is made to adhere perfectly to the cavities thanks to the application of a vacuum in the mold.

For this application, we designed molds with a dedicated frame for correctly holding and forming the film. The benefits of this solution are visible in the cycle time, avoiding service operations, and reducing possible scraps due to incomplete distribution.

Cannon molds for water heaters insulation