17 Apr 2020

Experis Academy presents its new advanced training master “Composite Material Technologist”, in partnership with Cannon

Cannon And Experis for training Master

Composite materials are the future.

Due to their structural characteristics and their high level performances, these innovative materials are used in several sectors from naval to construction, from aerospace to automotive.

Composites have enormous potential and infinite applications, but require a deep knowledge of the material and the ways in which it can be treated.

For this reason, Experis Academy, through its Advanced training master “Composite Material Technologist” and in partnership with Cannon, will give to all participants the precious opportunity to learn everything about composites thanks to workshops, case studies, theory and practice classes held not from regular teachers but from the best professionals and technicians working in this sector.

Among the themes Cannon will deepen in the master, a particular attention will be paid on the ways to produce composites in high volumes through moulding technologies. In particular, we will address some technologies, as

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For all of us, experience is a key point for gaining valuable know-how.

If you want to know more and to apply, visit Experis Academy website.

Partnership Experis-Cannon for advanced training Master C

Safety is one of Experis Academy top priority right now. So, if the current health emergency will not pass over in May, the first classes of the master will be delivered in virtual room: not a normal e-learning but a live- stream class where attendants can actually interact with other classmates and teachers. Otherwise, classes will take place in Fornovo di Taro (PR) or at the innovation district Kilometro Rosso.