29 Feb 2020

As you may have learned from the media, Italy has faced in these days the problem of the spreading of the well known virus COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The Italian Government has promptly taken the necessary measures to limit the possibility of contagion.

In this context, the Cannon Group companies have never interrupted their normal working activities throughout this period, maintaining the constant presence of the entire workforce at their Italian manufacturing centers.

The provisions set forth by the competent administrative functions and the instructions of the medical authorities to protect the employees’ health, that we are strictly following, do not prevent the regular performance of all working functions.

At this sensitive time all our Group companies, and particularly those based in Italy, have reacted with a great sense of responsibility and rationality, and our production facilities have not suffered any kind of slowdown.

We also want to confirm that at the moment our supply chain has not suffered any setbacks and all our vendors are assuring supplies within time schedules that fully respect our working programs.

The Cannon Group is able to guarantee that all the commitments we have taken and will take with the market will be met on time.

We started the new year with an important order backlog, the best one in recent years; also for this reason we want to look to the next period with optimism and we are strongly motivated to achieve all the growth targets we had set for this year.

All our offices, both in Italy and worldwide, are ready to provide any kind of service and further clarification you might need.

Bruno Fierro

Cannon Corporate Director

MKT & Communication

Maurizio Cusinato

General Manager                          

Cannon Afros                                

Alberto Zarantonello

General Manager

Cannon Ergos