25 Nov 2022

Cannon Tipos and Coriolis Composites merge technological expertise for the fast and precise high-pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM) of a near-to-net-shape dry preform manufactured with Coriolis’ patented automated fiber placement (AFP) technology.

The innovative near-to-net-shape dry preform developed through Coriolis’ AFP process and our dosing equipment and mold engineering helped realize a complex body-in-white structural part for local reinforcement using a single preform.

This technology, developed for mass-market vehicles, provides a fast and easy process with high productivity and sustainable costs.


  • Carbon UD layers (280 gms/ply) 50K
  • Fast cure resin system
  • 50% fiber volume content

Coriolis innovative process

Near-net shape AFP 2D dry preforms are composed of optimized fiber orientation of the non-woven nondirectional carbon fiber layers, with a proprietary binding system, able to perform highly with a fast cure resin system (2-min curing time).

This improves formability, permeability, and 3D water-jet trimming ability, to obtain a very low scrap rate.

Cannon know-how

For this challenging project, we brought our experience and knowledge to realize a high-pressure dosing machine for fast and precise injection and a specific mold with pressure control to inject via pressure, avoiding scrap parts coming from material tolerances.

In particular, we engineered the mold to:

  • Withstand up to 120 bar in the cavity, avoiding microporosity
  • Keep a constant temperature all over the cavity surface to ensure optimal resin reaction with the hardener (tolerance 2°C)
  • Minimize counter-pressure during the infusion phase and maximize vacuum time to avoid washout and air bubbles
  • Emphasize, via mirrored surface, the aesthetic properties guaranteed by Coriolis preforms


  • Automotive takt time: 20s/part
  • Lightening: -80% in weight compared to the current reinforcement
  • Mechanical performance reaches current levels
Coriolis and Cannon partnership