Cannon Post-processing equipment

A single supplier and a guarantee of improved panel plant performance. These are two of the many benefits of an integrated post-production stage.

The increasing focus on efficiency in homes, public buildings, and industries has been a significant growth driver for the insulation panel industry. Increased demand has led panel manufacturers to move increasingly toward lean manufacturing, which allows the production process to be more efficient, highlighting burdensome waste, including chemicals.

For this reason, the countless pieces of equipment that make up a complete PIR and phenolic panel production line must work in perfect synchrony. Choosing a plant supplier that integrates a state-of-the-art panel post-processing system can make a difference.

At Cannon, we have expanded the range of turnkey plant technologies for insulating panel production to include post-processing equipment, which is custom-designed and manufactured with a focus on the attention to detail, robustness, and reliability required by this industry. This allows our clients to have a single interface that efficiently coordinates each project phase.

If you want to learn more about our post-processing equipment, read here.

But what are the benefits of integrated post-processing?

We take responsibility for all process steps

For our customers, this means interfacing with one company responsible for coordinating all suppliers, ensuring that each part of the plant is delivered on schedule and interacts seamlessly with all other components.

This is critical because it allows for higher plant performance and drastically reduces the time and inconvenience typical of the assembly phase.

For customers, it means having an immediate return on investment: every day of delay from the estimated start of production is a loss of income.

Benefits at a glance

  • A single supplier for every need
  • Better plant performance
  • Compliance with deadlines
  • Selected supply chain
  • More efficient and sustainable processes
Cannon post-processing stage, cutting equipment

We select the supply chain carefully

Being responsible for a project also means making choices aligned with our quality standards.

That’s why we pay special attention to our supply chain, selecting companies that share the same values as we do to ensure the highest quality of the plant and minimize the risk of failure.

We reduce and reuse waste

We design our production processes and machinery to reduce the chemical waste generated during all processing stages as much as possible.

Our R&D department is constantly working to make the processing stage more and more precise so that we have a lower percentage of waste polyurethane in the next step.

But there’s more: some dust generated by cutting and profiling can be recovered, treated, and – depending on the final product – returned to the processing stage.