“In designing the new LN/3 series mixing heads, we took into account contributions from various stakeholders in the industry, including our customers, raw material suppliers, mold-makers and injection molding machinery manufacturers. This allowed us to anticipate market trends, to provide purpose-developed and highly-customized products. We collaborate with injection molding machine manufacturers, easily adapting our equipment for every possible production line configuration.”

-Stefano Andreolli, Sales and Marketing Manager at Cannon Afros

Adding that final touch to automotive interiors and exteriors

PU RIM coating is a long-established process for trimming the interior of luxury cars. Though it has been used for decades, the technology is now seeing a revival for both interior and exterior automotive applications. 

Always improving

Our range of LN/3 mixing heads are dedicated to polyurethane reaction injection molding (RIM) coating for automotive components. To address the needs of injection molding machines and their operators — and to meet the industry’s ever-increasing requirements — these heads have been improved.

What’s changed?

  • Smaller, more compact design
  • Higher performance
  • Faster mixing head fixing and removal with the mold
  • Manual or automatic mixing pressure adjustment without head removal
  • For color changes, injectors are quickly and easily switched out

The redesigned LN/3 heads stand to set new standards in vehicle design as RIM technology is an ideal match with thermoplastic parts, granting the superior surface characteristics we have come to expect from our cars.

Be sure to visit our booths at PU China and JSAE, both held from 17-19 July 2024, to learn more about this exciting advancement:

  • PU China booth 138
  • JSAE booth 272

If you can’t make it to these events, contact us online.

LN5-3 mixing head