07 May 2020

Being simple is not easy.

When a wide range of advanced performance is required, nothing should be left to chance: the high quality of finished product can also be guaranteed by equipment finely designed and tuned in every detail.

Machinery can thus have high levels of complexity that, however, for end user must be translated into an ease of use.

Cannon A-Prima high pressure dosing unit follows the Cannon approach of making customers’ life easy when performing any kind of operations: high quality standards, process efficiency and reliability, always being user-friendly and affordable for any kind of Customer.

Cannon A-Prima is the best solution for simple productions, for those who switch from low pressure equipment, or for newcomers and startups.

Cannon A-Prima dosing unit

Easier with A-Prima

Easy installation

All Cannon A-Prima components are mounted on a single frame which gives the machines a compact layout e allows it to be positioned in any tight production hall, saving precious space.

This high pressure dosing machine has been conceived to be Plug & Play, for quick installation and production start: once the machine has been positioned, operators have just to perform few simple operations to finalize the installation and startup.

A-Prima, as all Cannon machine, is fully tested in Cannon’s workshops. For customers, this translate in a significant reduction of commissioning times.

Easy management

Every step of the production process is easy and intuitive.

Cannon A-Prima touch screen on the control panel allows the fast setup of working parameters. Machine’s friendly HMI enables users to access any form with maximum three clicks.

Up to 99 pouring programs can stored in the dosing unit PLC and chosen by manual selector or Barcode/RFID system close to the mixing head. The software includes “Week-End Cycle” to avoid components sedimentation and damaging due to long shutdown periods.

The PLC and OP follow always the latest siemens technology, assuring the maximum product quality in terms of hardware and software.

Easy maintenance

The maintenance operations are made easier by the mechanical configuration of the machine: Cannon A-Prima is fully accessible on the four sides so to facilitate all inspection and maintenance activities.

Furthermore, interactive manuals and documentation stored on OptiTool, the Cannon browser application for after sales services, are a valid and effective help for supporting ordinary maintenance and spare parts request.

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Easy adapting

Designed to meet specific customer’s requirements and to comply with the standards for the most used polyurethane formulations, such as low-density rigid foams, flexible foam for automotive and furniture or integral skin, Cannon A-Prima dosing machine can be upgraded for processing acidic and explosive formulations. A kit of dedicated accessories (for example gas sensors and exhaust ventilation system to detect potential explosive vapours coming out from the machine or the foaming area) can be supplied so to make the machine suitable for safe processing of the materials.

Mixing heads compatibility

According to specific process requirements, both L-Shaped and straight type mixing heads are available on A-Prima dosing machine:

  • FPL SR, Cannon patented mixing head, provides laminar pouring, high foam quality standard, fine-cell distribution, repeatability.
  • L mixing head is a simple and very light mixing device designed to work with a nose extension. It is the best choice for low-density rigid foams, panels and corner filling where the lightness can grant easy access to remote cavities or reduced thicknesses.

A Green Choice

Low environmental impact, low energy consumption and compliance with sustainable growth are also key factors behind the A-Prima design.

From the operational point of view, A-Prima grants significant energy saving. The energy consumption is proportional to working parameters, such as output and pressure. Low pressure recirculation leveraging the stream distributors opening, is carried out at approximately 10 bar, providing correct temperature control at reduced working pressure (reduced energy consumption and wearing of the dosing components) before the injection phase.

Are you interested in A-Prima? Do you think it is the right machine for your production?

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