27 Oct 2020

Applying innovative technologies to common activities as maintenance can help you cutting costs, while offering a prompt and more effective assistance during ordinary or extraordinary interventions.

For this reason, we have developed OptiSupport, the new after sales remote assistance solution that, thanks to an AR software, allows a real-time support during maintenance activities or technical failures.

How does it work?

Through a dedicated application on simple devices, as smartphone or tablet (but also augmented reality glasses), your field technicians can directly connect and communicate with Cannon Afros experts, sharing with them video of critical situations in real time.

Our skilled engineers, observing the problem, provide a prompt and accurate diagnosis and find, whenever it is possible, a remote solution, guiding your field team with precise visual instructions during the intervention.

Which are the advantages?

Ease of use

OptiSupport is very easy to use: all you need is a smartphone or a tablet. Download the application, log in with the credentials given by Cannon Afros, and connect with us.

Reduction of downtime

Speed up criticality diagnosis and resolution time!

Real time assistance allows fast check-up operations, minimizing the time spent to understand a problem and its solution, and avoiding waiting related to travelling times and relevant people availability.

Effectiveness of the intervention

Problem identification and troubleshooting are easier with OptiSupport.

Remotely guided step by step by our experts, you will find the best and fastest solution to fix the problem occurred.

Reduced maintenance costs

Avoid unnecessary expenses.

The effectiveness of our remote assistance allows to limit downtime and keep the cost-effectiveness of your equipment.

A smart training

OptiSupport is also available for trainings of field technicians.

Discover how does Optisupport work:

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