14 Jul 2020

MeetCannon is the exclusive digital place for connecting to customers and partners. On line events, meetings and materials to be, also digitally, always on your side.

What could you find in MeetCannon?

Brand new special contents to show all the news regarding polyurethane and the latest developments of Cannon in the reactive polymers technologies.

A big and exclusive digital open house of three-days, that will take place on the 20, 21 and 22 of October 2020,  for a new 360° vision on insulation technology, with plenary sessions with insulation experts, workshops and one-to-one meetings.

And in the meanwhile?

To prepare to this main appointment, we have organized a series of must-see live webinars:

Live Webinar: “From Idea to Factory – how to transform a concept in a competitive product”

Transforming a vision of an original product into a material one to market is always a real challenge.

Often, during the conception phase a series of variables that can impact on the realization of the finished product are not taken into account. In some other cases, this variability is not even known.

For this reason, it becomes essential to rely on a partner with experience and competence, able to give effective support for the realization of all the phases necessary to transform an idea into a concrete product, ready to market.

In the webinar “From Idea to Factory” our team will explain how Cannon can be the right partner for companies which want to give a new and competitive shape to their visions.

Join the free live webinar “From Idea to Factory – how to transform a concept in a competitive product”!

Tuesday 21 July 2020

10.00 a.m. /15.00 p.m. CEST

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