17 Apr 2023

No matter where we are, at Cannon we make a difference.

During the PU Tech India in Mumbai last week, Mr. Mukesh Bhuta, Cannon Indikos Managing Director, was awarded the IPUA Lifetime Achievement Award for his five-decade activity in the Polyurethanes industry. His passion for facilitating ease of PU manufacturing in India and his relentless effort in supporting innovation, developing new technologies, and identifying novel PU applications were recognized as a milestone with this prestigious award.

Cannon Indikos recently joined the Group after several years of a successful partnership. It is the first award Cannon Group gets in India, and we couldn’t be more proud!

But it’s not the first one globally: in 2021, Marco Volpato, President of the Group, was awarded a similar recognition, while in 2000, Carlo Fiorentini, one of the two founders, was inducted into the Hall of Fame of Polyurethanes for his distinctive lifetime contribution.

We are confident there is more to come regarding innovation, cutting-edge technology, and recognition! Stay tuned!

Mukesh Bhuta awarded the IPUA Lifetime Achievement