05 Dec 2022

Cannon E-System dosing machines can handle multiple mixing heads simultaneously, improving productivity and optimizing investment.

Cannon plant for Coleitec

The Customer

Hangzhou Coleitec Composites Technology is an international company that produces high-performance composites components for automotive, energy storage systems, rail transit, large UAVs, and aviation markets. They use high-performance composites and recycled carbon fiber to manufacture highly customized products in small batches and mass production.

What our plant includes:

Maximum productivity and unmatched flexibility

For high-volume production of battery enclosures with HP-RTM and wet compression molding technology, Coleitec has chosen a Cannon plant with several modular multi-component E-System series dosing units.

These machines are specifically designed for processing composite materials with different chemicals, guaranteeing very accurate metering and precise temperature control of the chemical system. The dosing units are customized to manage two mixing heads, RTM or WCM types, depending on the desired production technology.

This particular configuration of the dosing machines allows Coleitec to perform continuous production and reduce the cycle time, increasing its productivity and flexibility.