12 Dec 2023

Cannon’s direct infusion process provides an innovative solution for wind turbine blades

Power generated by wind turbines accounts for just over 24% of the world’s renewable energy generation capacity. Their ability to generate energy is thanks to a number of advanced technologies working together.

Solving for multiple variables

Creating wind turbine blades is a complicated, and often time consuming process. The finished product needs to be lightweight yet durable, capable of withstanding the elements, pressure and directional changes among other variables. While material choice and composite matrix formula are top priorities, the technique is also important. For this we have developed an innovative system.

Our dedicated resin infusion machine

The DXI machine offers a truly unique solution for resin infusion.

While normal direct resin infusion systems may require multiple pumps, DXI only needs one pumping system to cover the widest range of flow rates on the market. This removes unnecessary variables, simplifying the overall process and lowering costs related to extra equipment. 

DXI’s single, dedicated, in-line mixing head is specially designed to process the multicomponent chemical system while automatically adjusting to flow rate changes — all without compromising the mixing quality.

As infusion continues, the flow rate changes to meet the blade’s requirements. Thanks to a proprietary technology, the DXI compensates for the drop in pressure during flow rate changes. A system of valves and sensors make sure that the process runs smoothly under the vacuum, which ensures that the resin is evenly infused and results in a high-quality blade and fast cycle times, every time.

Check out more of our technology for wind blade plants here.

Cannon’s direct infusion benefits
  • Reduced infusion time
  • Single, dedicated mixing head
  • No extra pump groups or additional mixing heads required
  • Automatic flow rate adjustment