07 Jun 2022

The cutting-edge Cannon B-CAST dosing unit is the perfect solution for manufacturing top-quality polyurethane elastomers employed in the Oil & Gas sector.

Polyurethane elastomers in the Oil & Gas sector

In challenging environments, high-quality equipment made with durable materials is essential to guarantee continuous activities and avoid plant downtime. Companies in the Oil & Gas industry require durability, reliability, and the ability to handle some of the harshest operating conditions for their equipment and tools.

Few materials can match polyurethane elastomers in terms of resistance and cost-effectiveness in the sector. They are the natural choice to limit wear and tear caused by field activities and the corrosive effect of sea salinity.

For this reason, they are employed both in offshore and onshore installation in several applications:

  • as pigs for pipe cleaning to avoid cross-contamination
  • in bend stiffeners to add rigidity in the connection points between cables and umbilicals with a rigid structure, limiting bending stresses

They are also used for buoyancy modules to provide uplift and maintain location along the pipeline, like flexible risers.

Advanced performance dosing unit

Processing top-quality polyurethane elastomers for these specific applications requires deep competence and dedicated equipment.

Cannon have developed B-CAST, the innovative low-pressure dosing machine with an integrated proprietary thin-film degassing technology. It prevents bubbles in the casted material, granting the integrity and high performance of the finished product.

The closed-loop control of the machine, with its dedicated flow transducers, ensures maximum dosing precision for the high-quality and repeatability of processes.

B-CAST is configured according to customers’ specific requirements and can process high-temperature chemicals (up to 130°C), working efficiently due to the temperature control that provides energy savings of up to 40%.

Innovative technology: the new B7 Multicast mixing head

The mixing system is also wholly forward-looking and focuses on flexibility.

The B7 Multicast is Cannon’s new mixing head, designed to manage up to nine components. This cutting-edge head processes polyol, isocyanate, chain extender, colors, catalyst, and the cleaning circuit all in one place, allowing the production of different polyurethane elastomers during the same production cycle.

Efficient cleaning

Deep cleaning of the mixing head is critical to ensure process flexibility and repeatability.

Cannon EcoCleaner is the ecological closed-loop washing system that cleans the mixing chamber using air flush and purging with environmentally friendly cleaners. It effectively separates solid waste and cleaner for further use several times through the recycling system.





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