22 Jun 2023

Our dosing machines and high-pressure mixing heads are the perfect equipment for making high-quality transparent or colored RIM coatings.

An evolving and increasingly used technology

RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) coating originated as a transparent cover to go over wood veneer for luxury cars. Currently, it is used in the automotive industry to cover interior and exterior trim parts to give a fine, glossy appearance and protect against moisture, sunlight, chemicals and abrasions.

Now it has taken on the role of a protective and decorative layer of thermoplastic materials for interior and exterior trimming. And it is precisely on this thermoplastic application that the major players are focusing their efforts.

What our solution includes

A self-healing polyurethane

Two-component polyurethanes are used for RIM coating, in some cases with added color. This material’s unique feature is that it is self-healing and, if scratched, can fix itself in a short time.

The increasing use of sensors on the exterior parts of automobiles has made this a key feature. As the sensors are exposed to contact with gravel and stones, the polyurethane that covers them allows the sensors to remain intact, thus maintaining vehicle safety.

It is because of these features that RIM coating proves to be an interesting application for the automotive market, one which companies are undertaking a great deal of research to find better-performing chemistries.

Our solution

Since this is an evolving industry, volumes constantly increase. Therefore, first-tier manufacturers are equipping themselves with flexible, high-performance machines to run tests, fine-tune other equipment, and produce.

Our A-Compact HT machines and LN 5/3 mixing heads are the perfect solutions for RIM coating.  Their design and performance can meet the specific needs of industry players and adapt to every type of injection molding machine on the market. In addition, LN 5/3 mixing heads feature lightweight and compact dimensions to fit the narrow space available in injection molding machines.

In addition, the ChromaFeed MCCS color dosing system allows direct and precise injection of color into the head, even at high temperatures, ensuring the highest quality colored RIM coating.

Our experience in RIM coating

In the last two years, we have sold five machines with four different types of injection molding presses to five clients in Japan.

Among them, a chemical manufacturer uses one of our A-Compacts to run tests and fine-tune chemistry, while a mold supplier uses it to validate its thermoplastic molds.

The other three, all well-known tier-one suppliers, have chosen our solution to prototype and mass-produce their auto components.