15 Mar 2024

Our vertical die-casting solution TCS RotorCast is perfect for a high-volume and efficient production.

The client

Our innovative approach to large rotor production has transformed the industry, offering significant advantages over traditional methods such as horizontal die- and centrifugal casting. As a result, it has become the preferred choice for manufacturing large rotors in industrial settings and at high volumes.

The challenge

By offering a flexible and reliable production process, we help Siemens meet their customers’ diverse needs while maintaining high standards through strategic supplies and equipment. Our TCS RotorCast machines have been specifically engineered to produce large rotors in significant quantities while enhancing flexibility and optimal adaptability.

These machines feature two groups of containers/plungers with different diameters, ensuring rapid production changes and swift machine reconfiguration. This enables customers like Siemens to adapt effectively to recurring production changes.

Our solution

Over the years, our cost-effective and efficient solutions have solidified our position as an invaluable partner to Siemens, who has chosen as many as ten of our production plants, including TCS RotorOne and TCS RotorCast.

Our solution includes
  • DOLAM lamination stacking press
  • Dosing and melting furnaces
  • RotorCast Vertical Die‐Casting machine
  • Ancillaries (automated lubrication, thermoregulation, die)
  • Slug recirculation
  • REMAN casting mandrel removal press
  • Casting mandrel cooling
  • Monorail for part transfer
Siemens plant