03 Apr 2024

“Excellent after-sales support is necessary when undertaking any new endeavor, and we are pleased with the high level of service that Cannon Far East Thailand has provided us.”

– Mr. Visak Thunyawan, Owner of Square Panel

Square Panel selected us for a large project to help them break into the continuous panel market. Entering a new market is difficult, but we made it simple. 

The client

Square Panel System, part of the Square Group, manufactures sandwich panels using polyurethane foam and rock wool for a diverse range of industries. Like Cannon, Square Panel carries out continuous R&D with an in-house engineering team, giving them a reputation for high quality products and innovative solutions that lead their clients along the path to success.

The challenge

Before this project, Square Panel had worked exclusively producing discontinuous panels using Cannon technology. Entering a new market with the goal of offering a high quality product is not simple. It requires significant know-how, reliable machines and an excellent after-sales team.

Our solution

The double belt, in combination with our state-of-the-art C-System dosing unit, form an unparalleled production line.

This double belt features our patented endless driving system for flawlessly smooth movement. Its special caterpillar design provides two major advantages: mechanically, the system is designed to be stronger and more reliable, counteracting the foam’s pressure against the side molds; second, when adjusting the thickness it is necessary to change only one side of the caterpillar, significantly reducing changeover requirements.

Our solution incorporates two automatic control systems. One, for foam front control, uses lasers to maintain a constant position while allowing continuous production by adjusting belt speed accordingly. The second, automatic thickness positioning, adjusts laminators during processing to a specified setting, aiding foam expansion.

The after-sales team

Thanks to Cannon Far East Thailand, our local office, and instrumental support from Square Panel’s engineering team, we were able to carry out complete and timely on-site installation and commissioning. The plant was in consistent production in just eight weeks. Additionally, Cannon Far East Thailand provided technical support for systems integration and will continue to offer any necessary after-sales support for Square Panel in Thai.

The complete turnkey supply we provided has allowed Square Panel to comfortably position themselves into a new market where they will continue manufacturing products that exceed their customers’ expectations.

Panel production
Advantages of our solution
  • Expertly engineered dosing unit
  • Double belt and caterpillar configuration reduces changeover times
  • Improved product and process quality
  • Simple integration with any equipment upstream & downstream to the polymerization process
  • Local after-sales service center
Square Panel plant