The client

This client is a family-owned Czech engineering company that produces components for buses, tractors, and heavy trucks. 

The challenge

Turning an idea into a market-ready product requires developing dedicated technologies and processes. The client wanted to manufacture large exterior parts for electric vehicles with Interwet-LFI technology via a unique process using three different chemical types.

For this purpose, together with our in-house R&D lab we developed a process that creates multilayer components consisting of a/an:

  • Primary coating, working as release agent and surface prep for aesthetic treatment
  • Barrier coating made of polyurethane
  • Interwet-LFI layer made of PU and fiberglass, providing more structure

Solution advantages

The entire plant was designed to be modular and easily installed. Modules can easily be changed and added according to production needs. At the same time, the multitasking press and eight different molds enable the production of transport components using RRIM technology. Inside a foaming cabin, two robots apply the coatings and spray the lower half of the mold with the Interwet layer, after which it is shuttled to the press for final curing.

Because Interwet-LFI technology requires setting precise process parameters for a high-quality finished product, we created a control system that allows operators to work with ease, even remotely, ensuring the client maximum autonomy and flexibility in managing their plant.

Our supply

  • 600-ton multi-tasking press (Interwet & RRIM)
  • Shuttling table 
  • Two 6-axis robots
  • One Interwet mold
  • Eight different RRIM molds
  • Two dosing units 
  • FPL 30 IW mixing head
  • LS 10 spraying mixing head
  • Control system
Customer component made with Cannon Interwet-LFI equipment - back
Customer component made with Cannon Interwet-LFI equipment - front