Susegana Plant

Together, Cannon and Electrolux are changing home refrigerator production forever

Domestic refrigerator production was forever changed in 2006, when Cannon and Electrolux formed a thriving partnership based on a shared commitment to innovation and excellence. Our expertise in refrigerator foaming technologies empowered their facilities in Mexico, Brazil, the USA, Hungary, Thailand, Egypt. Now it’s Italy’s turn. 

As the refrigerator market evolves, the emphasis shifts more and more towards energy efficiency. This collaboration has yielded remarkable advancements in fast-reaction foams, which incorporate specific additives that enhance their structure and insulative properties. These additives are crucial for achieving exceptional energy efficiency levels. But manufacturing fast-reaction foams presents unique challenges, including the need for precise and rapid injection of the formula, which flows slowly due to its quick reaction.

Our innovative design targeted — and overcame — those obstacles by using four strategic injection points on the back of the refrigerator, guaranteeing a fast, uniform foam distribution. The result? A superior product with superior performance.

Revolutionizing refrigerator production at Electrolux Susegana

Electrolux’s plant in Susegana was the latest recipient of our solutions. Two cabinet foam lines, equipped with our patented short-stroke fixture and four-point injection, revolutionized manufacturing. This innovative system, designed for highly reactive foams, significantly reduces cycle time and maximizes productivity. Four injection points, four mixing heads, simultaneous foam injection. To accomplish this, we developed and supplied custom-built dosing units to handle the synchronous operation of four mixing heads.

Their state-of-the-art plants use our new “Talking Head” technology. Equipped with multiple cutting-edge sensors, these intelligent heads capture vital information during foam production. This enables in-depth analysis and proactive maintenance planning, ensuring uninterrupted operations and optimized performance.

Thanks to these innovative technologies, the Susegana plant set new standards for foaming.

The advancements don’t end there. These two foam production lines are remarkably flexible, seamlessly handling two distinct formulations. This gives operators the possibility to choose the desired formulation for each application, providing enhanced control and adaptability

Being able to switch formulations on the fly streamlines production and optimizes resource utilization, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced downtime.

The fruitful collaboration between Cannon and Electrolux meets the demands of the evolving refrigerator market and drives the future of energy-efficient home appliances.

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