17 Jan 2024

In collaboration with Yuho Corporation, a new production process is being developed for making products from unique composite materials

Laboratory trials are crucial for finalizing any project, product, or process. They provide valuable insight into the material’s properties and characteristics, helping ensure the final product meets the desired specifications and performance requirements.

The client

Yuho Corporation, part of the Toyobo group, teamed up with us to conduct laboratory testing on carbon fiber non-woven fabric. This collaboration aimed at optimizing the material and molding conditions, creating promotional samples, and exploring the potential for mass production.

The goal

Testing would involve using three types of non-woven fabrics — PP, PA, and PPS matrix — which would then be molded using thermo-compression technology. By doing so, the team can evaluate the most relevant characteristics for each of the materials along with their behavior during the molding process.

One key feature of these nonwoven fabrics is that they utilize long carbon fibers, which offer excellent mechanical properties. 

What we learned

When the non-woven fabrics were combined with various polymers during the trials and passed through the thermo-compression process, it became possible to achieve the desired combination of properties. The result was Hayate.

This material makes use of recycled carbon fibers to create a hybrid, offering a more eco-friendly solution. It boasts excellent formability, allowing it to easily be molded into various shapes and sizes.


What applications could these products have? Their market potential is promising. Initially designed for sports gear and small automotive parts, these materials may come to be used in a wider range of industries including transportation and construction, while further expanding in automotive.

The collaboration between us underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality composite solutions that meet our customers’ diverse needs. R&D activities are focused on creating innovative products and providing sustainable, eco-friendly solutions that can help reduce each industry’s carbon footprint.

“The optimization of carbon fiber non-woven fabric is a promising step towards creating eco-friendly materials with excellent mechanical properties”

Non-woven carbon
Our solution includes
  • Lab trials

Hayate is a carbon fiber non-woven fabric produced for heat insulation via the carding method. It is stretchable, highly formable, and expected to find uses in a wide range of industries.

Non-woven carbon