The customer

Futaba is a Japanese company with locations in the U.S. and other countries worldwide. It is engaged in designing, developing, and producing electronic, radio control, and machinery tools and plate products.

The challenge

One of the projects they have focused on most is using recycled CFRP to make a series of components applicable to precision positioning, electronic devices, and robotics.

For this reason Futaba turned to our team to design a machine specific for recycled carbon fiber.

Solution advantages

After running a series of tests in our dedicated lab, our team of experts developed a fully designed process that could also be applied to Futaba’s needs. Once the technology was validated, we provided Futaba with an E-System machine, designed and assembled according to Japanese regulations.

One of this machine’s main advantages is high-precision, high-pressure resin dosing, making processing recycled carbon fiber more efficient. In fact, recycled carbon fiber is easy to handle and process, granting the same mechanical performance and lightness as virgin carbon fiber. Additionally, it helps improve productivity by having lower specific gravity and higher tensile strength than aluminum. That’s why it is also used for precision measuring instruments.

Futaba can also take advantage of our LN 6 EPX mixing head’s incredible performance, as it was specifically designed for composite technologies. It is possible to customize it with automatic injector regulation, allowing fast flow rate changes during closed-mold high-pressure processing.

Our LN 6 EPX mixing head is specially developed to handle high in-mold pressure, such as those obtained by injecting low permeability media like recycled carbon fiber.