Cannon solution for Innovative Recycling

The customer

Innovative Recycling, a Swiss company with a commitment to zero-waste manufacturing, revalues dry, uncured, and cured carbon fiber used in other processes and employs it as raw material to produce new semi-finished composite products.

The challenge

The customer wanted to develop a new production process capable of realizing a recycled composite material sheet with high mechanical features suitable for various applications.

Solution advantages

Through targeted tests carried out in our laboratory, and thanks to the support of our specialists, we have developed a tailor-made process precisely for this sheet. Non-woven fabric is cut into 1m2 sheets, impregnated with resin through wet compression molding (WCM) technology in a dedicated station, put on other sheets equally impregnated to form a mat, and then pressed into a hot mold in a 750-ton press.

This plant, which incorporates HP-RTM capabilities, was conceived to guarantee maximum production flexibility. Different products can be made with secondary processing, including prostheses, buckles, sports equipment, and automotive components.