RIBA Composites, an Italian manufacturer of structural parts and components, invested in a new production plant for HP-RTM and press molding technology

Specialized in autoclave and vacuum bags/oven production for composite parts destined to niche markets, Faenza-based RIBA Composites needed to expand their presence in the automotive and aerospace industries.
The production series and unit prices common to the automotive industry being incompatible with existing production equipment, the company decided to explore the possibilities offered today by high-productivity technologies, namely HP-RTM/press molding.

The high productivity HP-RTM press

Two lower platens shuttling on the front and rear sides of the press allow ergonomic and precise service (part demolding, visual mold inspection and cleaning, carbon fiber layer positioning) on a lower mold-half while another molded part is curing, closed in the press. Cure time for HP-RTM parts varies, increasing the mold temperatures, from 90 to 180 seconds, while injections are typically performed in less than 30 seconds, with a trend to reduce both values to increase productivity.

The two-shuttle press design means a substantially higher efficiency, since the press is in use (closed) most of the time, while one or two operators simultaneously attend to service functions requested by the “press closing, resin injection, curing” operation sequence. Through this advanced HP-RTM plant, RIBA Composites can readily enter the competitive tier one supplier arena of CFRP parts for the auto industry.

Our solution:

  • E-System high-pressure dosing unit for three-component epoxy formulations

  • LN 10 dedicated three-component mixing head

  • Short-stroke press with 25,000 kN clamping force, 3.6×2.4m platens with precision active parallelism control for guaranteed molded parts planarity

Being able to supply all the required technologies and equipment through a “single responsibility” contract, we offer a one-stop-shop approach to companies deciding to invest in complete manufacturing solutions for composites.