The client

Sanpo Gomu is a Japanese company established in 1952. They produce insulation parts for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that make heavy trucks and passenger vehicles with an outlook focused on innovation and experimentation.

10 years ago, we supplied Sanpo Gomu with an A-Compact dosing machine featuring a special configuration. It proved an outstanding tool for fine-tuning their product formulations and allowed them to switch from EPDM, a high-density rubber, to polyurethane (PU). Now, they need a second machine to meet new demands.

The challenge

OEMs have to meet demands to produce increasingly lighter vehicles, which means rethinking materials: high performance and lightness are the goals suppliers of automotive components must meet.

These demands — for materials lighter than rubber and with better sound insulation — ultimately get passed down to Sanpo Gomu, who promptly turned to us to lend a hand. We provided them with a new A-Compact, allowing them to continue developing high-quality formulations to meet their customers’ every need.

Solution advantages

The customized A-Compact we supplied, with incredible precision and ease of use, allows for the highest possible quality foam production. This machine helps Sanpo Gomu not only to respond to its customers’ specific requests in the automotive sector, but also to significantly expand its product portfolio.

PU is an easy-to-handle material, with excellent insulating properties and a precisely controllable density, allowing high product quality to be maintained while achieving good savings in terms of production costs.