The client

Zinus is a rapidly growing e-commerce mattress and furniture company. They specialize in mattresses, bed foundations, platform beds, sofas, and loveseats, all shipped directly to customers’ doors. 

For their first North American manufacturing facility, located in Georgia, the company invested $108 million and created more than 800 jobs. To create the massive storage farm, which feeds chemicals to their slabstock foaming line, Zinus relied on our experience, local presence, and global attitude.

Furthermore, their existing slabstock foaming line required a proper chemical feeding system to match the enormous production volumes expected and variety of formulations used.

The challenge

International cooperation played a large part in the success of this project.

Cannon Korea first opened contact with Zinus, introducing our expertise in foaming lines, storage farms, and innovative expansion methods using Cannon Viking’s patented CarDio™ system. 

The challenge was important: a chemical storage with 27 large storage tanks was required, in a dedicated building adjacent to the production hall. Some chemicals required strict storage regarding OSHA regulations: technical specifications for piping that excluded using flanged connections and necessitated long stretches of underground pipework.

Our solution

Cannon Legos was appointed as the project’s leading unit. Cooperating with Cannon USA, Legos designed the entire storage, the 14 piping rings that recirculate chemicals between storage tanks and foaming point, the temperature control and pumping systems along with the required safeties and electronics. 

Two local hardware and labor suppliers were sourced in the USA. This reduced transportation costs and ensured compliance with local construction regulations. All vehicles, heavy tools, compressors and other equipment were rented locally.

More than four kilometers of steel pipes (with diameters ranging from 3 to 6 inches and fully thermally insulated) were laid along the distribution circuit, which included a 40-meter long underground tunnel. From a special ventilated building, all the isocyanate lines were made with welded joints, using magnetic couplings on every pumping group and special valves to intercept the flow.

Around 10 kilometers of electric and signal cables and optic fibers were laid in racks and shielded ducts, connecting 14 remote I/Os distributed stations and 3 HMI totems. All the digital equipment was sourced in the US, for simple service and spare part supply.

In addition to the storage farm, Cannon Viking provided a complete CarDio™ kit. This will allow Zinus to use natural liquid carbon dioxide as a blowing agent in their foaming line, which will help produce the softest and lightest flexible foams.

Our supply

  • Complete tank farm
  • Production integration system
  • CarDio® system
Zinus plant
Zinus plant 2