Panel production

A unique double belt for Square Panel in Thailand

We delivered a highly customized double belt to help Square Panel break into a new industry, aided by our excellent local unit.

Siemens plant

A strategic supplier for Siemens large drives applications

By offering a flexible and reliable production process, we help Siemens meet their customers’ diverse needs while maintaining high standards.

Non-woven carbon

Enhancing Thermoplastic and Non-Woven Carbon Processing with Yuho

Optimizing carbon fiber non-woven fabrics is a promising step towards creating eco-friendly materials with excellent mechanical properties.

Zinus plant

Zinus benefits from Cannon’s global presence and a tailored storage system

To create the massive chemical storage farm for their US plant, Zinus relied on our experience, local presence and global attitude.

Susegana Plant

Electrolux’s refrigerators use our advanced foam solutions

Refrigerator production changed forever when Cannon and Electrolux formed a partnership based on innovation and excellence.


Sanpo Gomu expands their PU operations to meet demands

By adopting an A-Compact dosing unit Sanpo Gomu was able to switch their production to polyurethane to meet demands by OEMs.

A unique process with a three-layer solution

Turning an idea into a market-ready product is a challenge that often requires the development of dedicated technologies and processes.

Luxury car interior

Boosting productivity for a major automotive supplier

Heat and noise insulation play a big part in the driving experience, and technology once reserved for luxury vehicles is now more easily accessible.


Using our E-System machine and LN 6 EPX mixing head, Futaba can efficiently process recycled CFRP and improve productivity.

Promens Zlín

Our flexibility enabled us to provide a plant that perfectly fits Promens Zlín’s needs for SMC and other composites’ technologies.


MAP has recently focused on the agricultural machinery sector and boating, where the need to mechanically reinforce the external parts of agricultural machinery components has arisen.

Cannon solution for Innovative Recycling

Innovative Recycling

Through targeted tests carried out in our laboratory, and thanks to the support of our specialists, we have developed a tailor-made process precisely for recycled composite material sheets.

Jiangsu Xinquam product by Cannon plant

Jiangsu Xinquan

Since 2009, we have supplied Jiangsu Xinquan Automotive Trim with our high-performance dosing machines and mixing heads for polyurethane.

Multi-hardness and multi-density Toyota vehicles’ seats

Toyota Boshoku (TBJ), the Japan-based producer of automotive components and member of the Toyota Group, is specialized in the development and manufacture of automotive interior products, including seat

A sophisticated Continuous Panel Line for SOPREMA in Germany

The French producer of building elements needed a flexible manufacturing solution combined with high productivity and complete control of production parameters

Cannon Seats Foaming Plant for Great Wall Motors’ success

The largest Chinese producer of SUV and Pick-Up Truck commissioned to Cannon a complex seat foaming plant

Safeman & Cannon for the benefit of refugees

Shelter. The Swedish thermoformer Safeman chosen Cannon for manufacturing its innovative equipment, required to produce the plastic modular shelter

RIBAComposites increases productivity with our HP-RTM plant

Riba Composites, an Italian manufacturer of structural parts and components, invested recently in a new production plant for HP-RTM and press moulding technology​

Cannon's Vai plant for refrigerators industry

Third VAI Plant for Haier, now in Russia

Haier confirms the trust in Cannon Group, purchasing the third foaming line designed to use Vacumm Assisted Injection technology