Carbon fibre stakeholders will visit Cannon in October

Cannon is exhibiting at Go Carbon Fibre conference, the global event focused 100% on carbon fibre, presenting its solutions for mass-production of composite parts.

The utility company Tepco has chosen Cannon for the maintain of power line towers through an advanced polyurethane foam injection process

Tepco, a Japanese utility company, has chosen Cannon for the recovery of thousands power line towers through an advanced polyurethane foam injection process and a customized solution.

Better Polyurethane Foams for hot water tanks insulation

New energy-conscious regulations are raising the bar for the insulation performances of any thermal apparatus, and water boilers play an important role in this category of devices, more and more demanded domestic uses, but in particular for the storage of hot media produced with solar panels and heat pumps.

CREA doubles productivity

A well-known rooflights manufacturer turned to Cannon Ergos to thermoform his domes, increasing productivity by 100%

Cannon Tipos patented new mould shutter

Cannon Tipos has developed a new system to allow the use in continuous of a mixing head on multiple HP-RTM moulds

Innovation, quality, service: the recipe of Cannon mixing heads

The hard commitment in research, development and improvement of polyurethane mixing technologies led Cannon to manufacture high quality mixing heads, able to face all customers’ production requirements.

UNIDO Supports Vacuum Technology in South Africa

UNIDO, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, funded a Demonstration Project to assess the technical and economic advantages of the Vacuum Assisted Injection (VAI) in discontinuous panel’s plant production.