• Designed for the processing of viscous systems requiring to be heated up to 60-100°C
  • Separate heated and insulated box for polyol and isocyanate
  • Jacketed and insulated small tanks with level control, manual and automatic refilling
  • Recirculation Line with low pressure pumps to improve the temperature control and feed the metering pumps
  • Degassing system to remove air bubbles form polyol and isocyanate
  • Recycle stream distributors
  • Digital low/high pressure gauges
  • Automatic output and ratio adjustment and control in close loop
  • Touch screen operator panel
  • Calibration of each component directly through the mixing head


  • Accurate control of machine parameters
  • Compact layout, space saving
  • Dosing unit heating up and running in a short time even when containing cold viscous chemicals
  • Excellent accessibility to all machine parts
  • Easy maintenance of the metering system