• Designed for safe use of flammable blowing agents (Cyclopentane and other hydrocarbons), according to the most strict safety regulations
  • Two insulated, Nitrogen-pressurised, 100l nominal capacity tanks
  • Heat exchangers with electric heating resistances in IP54
  • High pressure piston pumps
  • Recycle stream distributors
  • Filters for pumps protection
  • Low pressure contact manometer
  • Digital high pressure gauges
  • Frequency controlled motors for automatic output and ratio adjustment
  • Calibration of each component directly through the mixing head
  • Touch screen operator panel


  • Design for Hydrocarbon-blow Polyurethane formulations
  • Plug and Play machine
  • Very precise and repetitive control of machine parameters
  • Excellent accessibility to all machine parts
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Many customized configurations available