Main Features


  • Through the proprietary thin-film degassing technology, B-CAST grants a bubble-free matrix in the casted product.

Dosing precision

  • B-CAST closes the loop control with dedicated flow transducers, ensuring high quality and repeatability to the process. The machine offers high tensile strength and abrasion resistance for produced parts.

Dynamic mixer options

  • Several mixers with a different design according to the chemical system.

Mixing Head cleaning by the “Eco-Cleaner” unit

  • B-CAST is an environmentally friendly dosing unit with an easy cleaning process for chemical waste management.
  • Better time and cost efficiency, no need for the distillation process.

Mixing ratio

  • The automatic calibration avoids any waste of time and chemical material.

Processing temperatures

  • Cold elastomers up to 80°C
  • Hot elastomers up to 130°C

Temperature control

  • B-CAST saves up to 40% energy due to fast and efficient heating.

Design Freedom

  • Tank sizes, multiple steel choices available (stainless or carbon)
  • Different outputs available for any application
  • Flexible number of components (2, 3, or multiple) based on the customer’s needs
  • Up to 4 colors/catalysts.

User-friendly HMI

  • A simple control unit, easy to use and maintain.

Main Applications



Screening Panels

Technical articles


Pigs for O&G application

Protection shields

B1 Multi

Dedicated to electric and electronic components