The DXI, designed for resin infusion in wind blade technology, is our highly innovative solution that rethinks the entire infusion process. With this machine, we have eliminated the need to include additional mixing heads and pump groups as flow rate decreases during infusion.


Key features

  • Automatically adjusts to flow rate changes
  • No additional pumping groups and mixing heads necessary
  • Compact design, mounted on one skid

Designed to perfection

Among resin infusion machines the DXI is truly unique. Instead of a standard resin infusion system that requires multiple pumps, DXI only needs one pumping system to complete the process. Its dedicated mixing head is specially designed to process the resin and hardener in line and compensate for pressure loss during flow rate changes.


  • Enables multi-line blade infusion operation
  • Quick cycle time
  • Generates number of independent, pressurized infusion lines
  • Best pressure at each infusion gate
  • Extremely precise
  • Final product quality improvement
  • Closed system: no air contamination and no evaporation of potentially harmful vapors


  • Automatic and self-adjusting infusion unit
  • Control system for resin flows
  • Soft bag automatically refilled depending on the required resin amount
  • Sensor and valve system for proper chemical infusion at the exact pressure