• Temperature control systems: Jacketed and insulated tanks, heat exchangers and electric heating cartridges and thermoregulation for each component line
  • Insulated box with active heating on resin line to heat up the dosing line before starting production
  • Degassing system
  • Close loop servo control of output and ratio
  • Separate dedicated unit for release agent dosing
  • Advanced interface and data gathering system
  • Variable flow working mode
  • Possibility of Liquid Laydown (WCM) kit
  • Available high temperature kit


  • Designed for HP-RTM process
  • Equippable with shrinkage recovery system, to reduce surface defects
  • Different processable chemicals
  • Very high pressure achievable in mould
  • High resistance to severe chemicals properties
  • Accurate metering of the components
  • Precise control of resin and hardener temperature
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Many customized configurations available