First among polyurethane machinery manufacturers to develop its own pump more than a decade ago, Cannon has engineered the perfect piston pump to process polyols and isocyanates.


  • Lower minimum rotation speed (300 rpm vs. 720 rpm)
  • Reliability: less than 1% of replacement under warranty
  • Lower cavitation point (0.5 bar vs. 0.75 bar)
  • Full interchangeability with other types of pumps
  • Higher efficiency (average 0.97 vs 0.92)
  • More constant flow against pressure change
  • Lower output variation at the pressure change
  • Less noise (-2 dB)
  • Availability

Cannon has designed two different types of axial piston pumps:

Fixed displacement pump

  • Simpler mechanical assembly
  • Less maintenance required
  • Available from 6 to 30 cc/rev

Variable displacement pump

  • Wider flowrate range
  • Available from 6 to 55 cc/rev