First among polyurethane machinery manufacturers to develop its own pump more than a decade ago, Cannon has engineered the perfect piston pump to process polyols and isocyanates.
Some PU applications require emulsified air into polyol, in order to improve the flow of the liquid PU injected into the closed mould.
Some other PU applications, typically those involving flexible foams, require CO2 emulsified into polyol in order to reduce the overall density of the foam.

Whether you need to emulsify gas CO2 or air, Cannon has the right equipment:

Cannon CarbOxide

Cannon CarbOxide is the best solution for premixing low and medium percentages of CO2 in the metering machine’s day tank.

Gas CO2 is provided in bottles, which are positioned on a precise scale to keep its content easily monitored.  A mass flowmeter controls the output of the gas CO2 in closed-loop, automatically adjusting the flow according to the ratio set between polyol and CO2.

A dedicated static mixer has been engineered specifically for the optimal blending efficiency.

CarbOxide can be installed in existing foaming plants, and connected to a central large day-tank supplying several metering machines.

Air Nucleation Technologies

Air nucleation normally facilitates the reaction between polyol and isocyanate decreasing the surface tension. In case of rigid high density foams, air improves the fluidity and facilitates the filling of the moulds also with complex shape. Air is always present in the chemicals in a small percentage (3-4%) depending on the material viscosity.

Cannon provides dedicated tools to precise add quantities of air in the chemicals:

  • Static emulsifier
  • Mechanical emulsifier, equipped with a high speed agitator
  • Hollow shaft emulsifier, equipped with a high efficiency air nucleator 

Depending on percentages of emulsified air in the chemicals, Cannon provides devices specifically designed to measure the air amount in production conditions and to control the air emulsifier in closed loop.