The art of mixing: innovation by tradition

At least 35.000 mixing heads has been supplied to manufacturing companies all over the world, processing reactive polymers. From general purpose models up to specific dedicated solutions, at the time being we are producing more than 1.000 heads per year, within 40 variants of about a dozen of families, accounting around 250 different Cannon codes.
The drivers of our heads R&D are the increase of strokes frequency, reliability, precision, flow control, effective mixing, quality of the product manufactured to face our clients’ production requirements.

A Cannon Afros technical office is fully dedicated to the continuous improvement of heads that are on the market and to the development of new ones to comply clients’ needs and chemistry innovation; all this activity is carried out in strict collaboration with the R&D laboratory that validates the new projects with an accurate “in operation” testing session.
The heads are manufactured by Micromec, the Cannon technological centre for precision machining, that assures an excellent certified level of finishing.

High pressure

Low pressure