Cannon AX is the L-shaped mixing head designed to process multi-component formulations.
Able to handle up to 7 streams simultaneously, this head features flexibility that makes it suitable for car seats foaming and hot and cold cure flexible molded foam.


Available in three models, AX mixing head is designed to be extremely reliable and particularly accurate to grant consistent quality production. With the ability to handle up to 4, 6 or 7 streams simultaneously, it is perfect for multi-component formulations for various applications, such as flexible foams for automotive seating, where different components must be mixed together to achieve the desired properties. It boasts very fast operation times, allowing quick and efficient production.

Cannon AX is also light and compact, making it easy to install, handle and maintain. Despite its size, it has been engineered to be highly reliable, with a long operating life. With its simple construction and easy-to-replace components, you can minimize downtime and keep your production running smoothly.

Suggested applications

  • Car seats foaming: with this mixing head it is possible to manufacture a variety of car seat models, with a different distribution of the density and hardness of the foam.
  • Production of hot and cold cure flexible foam