Cannon Afros has developed dedicated washing systems for mixing heads:


The EcoCleaner unit cleans the mixing head by using a combination of air flush and environmentally friendly chloride free cleaners purging.
This unit has been developed in order to allow the complete recycling of the cleaner: the closed-circuit system allows the use of the same cleaner several times.
Ecocleaner is composed of a high pressure pneumatic pump that meters the cleaner in the mixing chamber from a stainless-steel tank. The purging and air flushing process is made in the same tank, where a filter keeps the solid apart while the liquid returns inside to be mixed with the cleaner.
Moreover, the final washing waste is generally not a toxic one and, in some cases, it can be considered as a common industrial waste.

Cannon Water Wash

Suitable for Cannon low-pressure mixing heads, Cannon Water Wash allows the cleaning of the mixing head through a hot water (75 – 80°C) cycle.