Our FP2L is an L-shaped mixing head with two mixing chambers, designed for the alternate processing of two different formulations. This mixing head is a versatile solution for manufacturers producing flexible foams with different characteristics.


With Cannon FP2L it is possible to process four components (polyol 1 and isocyanate 1, polyol 2 and isocyanate 2) in two different foam formulations. Fast switching between the formulations is achieved by closing one mixing chamber and opening the other, which makes it easy to switch between foam types in the same mold.

The FP2L is an ideal choice for manufacturers looking to produce flexible foams with varying densities and hardness, making it a great solution for a wide range of applications, from automotive seating to mattress production.

This mixing head represents one of the most flexible, efficient, and reliable solutions on the market.

Suggested applications

  • Flexible foams