FPL 30 Interwet-LFI is our innovative mixing head designed for the efficient processing of two-component polyurethane and chopped glass fiber. Chopped glass fiber is “wetted” by polyurethane right inside the mixing head, hence the name Inter(nal)wet(ting).


Our FPL 30 Interwet-LFI mixing head features an L-shaped mixing chamber designed to handle two components and chopped glass fiber, which is efficiently impregnated with PU directly there. A tailored distribution system ensures the perfect placement of the mixture in the open mold, assuring top-quality finished parts.

The integrated cutter makes this mixing head very flexible, allowing a change on the fly of the fiber length and percentage in the final part, making it easy to adapt the system to different product requirements.

Suggested applications

  • Composites with long glass fibres