Our patented Talking Head is a highly advanced mixing head that enables the monitoring of various critical parameters about the status and performance of the mixing head and about the polyurethane foam manufacturing process.


Cannon Talking Head is our iconic FPL SR high-pressure mixing head configured to accommodate a dozen sensors related to the status of the mixing head and the foaming process.
The Talking Head monitors the pressure and temperature of polyol and isocyanate, which plays an integral role in controlling the quality of the polyurethane foam. At the same time, it monitors the opening and closing times and the mechanical stress on the self-cleaning piston with a very high sampling rate.

This large amount of data logged by the Talking Head at each shot allows to set it up for optimal functioning and to avoid the risk of damage or failure. In this way, the life cycle of the mixing head is extended.

The system can provide valuable insights into potential issues or problems that may arise during the production process, enabling simplified diagnosis and quick and effective troubleshooting.
Cannon FPL SR Talking Head is an essential tool of Cannon’s service for predictive maintenance.

Predictive maintenance

The process data collected from the Talking Head are the basis of OptiWise, Cannon’s service for predictive maintenance. Information is sent to the cloud, where an AI algorithm processes and analyzes them to predict what will happen and the remaining useful life of mechanical parts.

This makes it possible to see if a given effort produces the desired motion, if there is a delay caused by friction, and to predict anomalies and problems before they are detected by the machine control system or the operator.

This way, effectively planning maintenance tasks is possible, reducing costs and downtime.

Discover more about OptiWise, our predictive maintenance package.