OptiWise is the new predictive maintenance system by Cannon Afros that informs you in advance of anomalies in your foaming machine, allowing your team to take action before downtime.

The future is now

Can you imagine what incredible benefits you could have if you could know what would happen in advance?

With OptiWise, our proprietary predictive maintenance package, now you can!

An optimal polyurethane process requires that a whole series of parameters be adequately met and that the metering machine operates perfectly. That is why we have sensorized our dosing machine models’ high-pressure mixing heads and pumps. Data from these sensors are collected within a secure AWS cloud, where an intelligent algorithm analyzes them to detect anomalies and predict the remaining useful life of the mechanical part.

All authorized operators can access the service anytime, anywhere, with their devices and via a simple dashboard, to monitor at a glance how the dosing machine (or multiple machines) is running in real-time. If a component is not functioning correctly, OptiWise notifies the operator of the anomaly, thus enabling a planned and effective maintenance action before the entire plant stops.

Tailored to your process

All metering machines are different. Depending on the chemical system, external conditions, usage, and the type of process into which they are inserted, they are designed and behave differently. That’s why OptiWise includes the “training period” function, making it possible to set the machine’s normal and optimal working conditions. All data collected during this phase will be used as a reference by the algorithm, and any abnormal trend(s) will be notified to the operator.

More than a simple prediction

  • Failure prevention
  • Flawless production speed
  • Extension of equipment life span
  • Possibility to schedule maintenance
  • Improved management of spare parts inventory
  • Money savings

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