Cannon, with more than 50 years of experience, is the ideal partner for any solution involving compression moulding and forming of composite materials.

Cannon Ergos presses are engineered in order to guarantee proper stiffness and good precision, features which can have a direct effect on the part quality.

High flexibility and short cycle times for mass production are guaranteed by the design: tilting and shuttle tables allow fast and proper operations on the mould while automated loading and unloading permit to lower open mould times.

Features of Cannon Ergos presses:

  • compact short stroke solutions
  • active parallelism control
  • side plates guiding with hydrostatic system for high tools temperatures
  • short cycle time for mass production
  • high clamping force

Different models are available, up to 5000 tons of clamping force, the maximum sized delivered to an Italian manufacturer of lightweight and high-performance components.

This 5000 tons press, with a 5 m X 3 m working station – the first of the kind in Europe – is dedicated to high volume production of automotive components.

Short Stroke solution

A Cannon Ergos short stroke press, is extremely more compact and efficient than a conventional press with the same specifications.

The short stroke concept allows to save the total amount of oil needed to operate the press reducing the build-up times and the overall height of the press.